How to Fix an Overbite

Boost Your Confidence and Breathe Easy: The Impact of Fixing Your Overbite

Overbites are very common in both children and adults, with many having at least a tiny overbite. While not typically the most serious dental problem, a significant overbite can lead to several dental health problems. There are several ways to prevent or treat an overbite, and here at Suburban Dental, we can help find the right treatment for you or your child.

What is an Overbite?

An overbite occurs when a person’s upper teeth extend beyond their bottom front teeth. The most frequent cause of this is the size of the jaw or teeth—there may not be enough space in the jaw to fit one’s teeth.

Other causes can include frequent nail biting, teeth grinding, and, for children, thumbsucking and using a pacifier after age three. Read more about the causes of an overbite.

Is an Overbite Bad?

An overbite can cause problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw discomfort. Since the upper and lower teeth are misaligned, an overbite can also cause enamel to wear down or teeth to be chipped or cracked due to friction between teeth. An overbite can also make it more difficult to chew and bite.

How to Fix an Overbite

There are different ways to treat children and adults for an overbite. For children, braces can slowly shift the teeth into a proper alignment. This is followed by a retainer to keep the teeth in place. Another treatment option for children is using palate expanders, a growth modification device, to reposition the jaw during growth spurts. Another option is to extract baby teeth or permanent teeth to create room for adult teeth.

Extracting teeth to create room for the remaining ones is also an option for adults. Another treatment option is to use clear aligners to reposition teeth impacted by the overbite. This is an excellent option for many adults, as they are discreet and can be removed when eating.

Come to Suburban Dental for Overbite Correction Treatment

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