What Are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants?

illustration of a dental implant being installed in the bottom row of teeth


One of the hottest topics in dentistry today is the use of dental implants. Implants have certainly revolutionized the field of replacement teeth. If you are considering tooth implants for missing teeth, you must know the facts. Dental implants have pros and cons, and Dr. Cho carefully weighs them before surgery can be scheduled.

Research continually shows that dental implants are the best long-term solution to replace missing teeth. However, like any type of surgery, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Cons of Dental Implants

No procedure is right for everyone, including dental implants. While there are some risks associated with dental implants, they are relatively mild. The disadvantages include:

  1. You have to meet a set of requirements
    To have dental implant surgery, you first have to meet certain criteria. As the procedure involves anchoring the implant to your jaw bone, if you’ve experienced significant bone loss due to losing teeth, there may not be enough for the dental implant to be successful. You must also be in good health so your jawbone can fully recover.
  2. The cost of the procedure
    While dental implants are the best long-term solution for tooth loss, they’re not always the most cost-effective. However, they are well worth the price for the comfort, confidence, and natural feel they give you. See what dental implants cost at Suburban Dental.
  3. The procedure can be lengthy
    Dental implants are not a quick fix and can take several months to complete. If you’re replacing an existing damaged tooth, this must first be removed. Your dentist must then prepare the tooth site before fitting the implant anchor. Once the anchor has been fitted, you’ll need to wait several months while it heals and the surrounding bone grows. The final stage of the procedure involves placing the artificial tooth.

Pros of Dental Implants

While dental implants have some drawbacks, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

  1. They look and feel like natural teeth
    Dental implants look like real teeth. In fact, once your implant has been fitted, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference between your replacement tooth and your real teeth. Since the implants are anchored to your jaw, they’ll feel just as strong as your regular teeth.
  2. You can eat and chew with ease
    Unlike dentures, implants won’t feel any different from your regular teeth when eating and chewing. You can eat what you want once the dental implant procedure is complete! Whether you fancy crunchy snacks, chewy foods, or hot or cold drinks, you can eat and drink without concern—just remember not to overdo the sugary treats.
  3. Dental implants can last a lifetime
    Implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement solution. You may need to replace the crowns every 10-15 years, but if you look after the implants, they can last a lifetime.
  4. Dental implants are easy to take care of
    You should care for your implants like your regular teeth: with daily brushing and flossing, regular dental checkups, and a healthy diet.
  5. Dental implants prevent bone loss
    Dental implants are anchored into your jaw, similar to your real teeth. The screw thread of the implant acts as the root of a natural tooth, so with dental implants, your jawbone remains strong, and you won’t experience bone loss.

Dental implants have been proven to be a great option for people who suffer from tooth loss. We always want to make our patients look and feel great, and dental implants are a great way to do that. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have! Call our Germantown, MD, dentist’s office today!


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