Clear Aligners

3M clear aligners prove that effective orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. These ingenious appliances have helped millions straighten their teeth and achieve better-looking smiles, and they can help you too.

3M Clarity Aligners in Germantown, MD

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. Similar to braces, clear aligners use a gradual force to control tooth movement, but without metal wires or brackets. 3M Clarity aligners, our clear aligner of choice at Suburban Dental, are made of strong plastic material and are fabricated to fit each individual’s mouth. If a series of aligners are needed, each aligner moves the teeth in increments until the desired movement is achieved.

woman placing invisalign clear aligners on the top row of her teeth
  • How does the 3M process work?

    1. Exam and eligibility. We’ll conduct a thorough exam to identify if you’re a candidate for 3M clarity aligners and discuss your desired result.
    2. Photos, impressions, and 3D x-rays. We’ll take photos of your teeth and face and get dental impressions plus x-rays of your teeth to send to 3M, along with the specific instructions about your desired result.
    3. Create a 3D model of your teeth. They scan your impressions to create a 3D model of your teeth, working with us to get the mold to its exact proportions. Once final, the trays are made and mailed to your dentist’s office.
    4. Get your trays & begin treatment! You’ll pick up your trays from our office and then begin wearing a set of trays for two weeks at a time for approximately 2 years, or the length of time determined by your dentist.
  • Clear aligners vs. braces—what's the difference?

    There are many differences between clear aligners and braces, we’ve listed some of the largest ones here. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but the introduction of 3M clarity aligners to the market introduced a more efficient, less painful way to straighten teeth.

    • Materials. Clear aligners uses clear transparent aligners, while braces use wires and brackets.
    • Removability. Clear aligners can be removed by the user at any time, while braces can only be removed by a professional.
    • Food Restrictions. 3M clarity aligners allows a user to eat whatever they would like and not make changes to their oral care practices, while braces restrict what the user can safely eat and require special maintenance and care.
    • Injury Risks. Clear aligners do not present any injury risks, while braces can lead to cuts and other injuries.
    • Visibility. Clear aligners are nearly impossible for others to notice, while braces are almost impossible to miss.
  • Who can use 3M Clarity Aligners?

    Most teens and adult patients requiring mild to moderate orthodontic corrections can use clear aligners. This includes patients with teeth that are crooked and misaligned or teeth that feature noticeable spacing problems. 3M can even help patients with minor bite issues—however, not all orthodontic issues can be treated with 3M Clarity Aligners. More extensive problems will require additional treatment.

Interested in 3M Clarity Aligners?

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