Regular Dental Checkup

Regular dental checkups are an essential part of maintaining good oral health. It’s a critical part of keeping a good smile too and something we recommend to all of our patrons at our Germantown office. Dental checkups should be completed every six months to maintain optimal health.

Regular Dental Checkups

A dental checkup provides us the opportunity to examine your oral health and look for any changes since your last visit. There are a variety of things a regular dental checkup could include, all of which are critical components of your oral health.

Our dental checkup appointments begin with a full examination to provide us a basic overview of your current dental health. We will look carefully to detect any cavities, tooth decay or signs of gum disease. We then conduct a professional cleaning that eliminates any plaque, bacteria and other buildups on the teeth. This process begins with using dental equipment to scrape away any plaque or tartar on the teeth and gum line. Then we clean and polish the teeth to address any surface stains and provide feeling of freshness. We also do an oral cancer check on a regular basis to ensure we catch any diseases as early as possible. We check your face, tongue, throat, gums and other soft oral tissues for any signs of or risk of disease.

Occasionally on visits, we will use digital X-rays to obtain a detailed view of your oral structure and detect any conditions that may be hidden beneath the surface such as internal decay, periodontitis, jawbone deterioration, cysts, and oral cancer. We conduct these so any discomfort is minimized and we share the images with you if necessary.

illustration of a professional teeth cleaning, removing plaque build up, at a dental exam
  • Why are dental checkups necessary?

    Many oral health concerns can only be detected through a thorough examination by a trained dentist. Dental checkups provide oral cancer screenings, digital X-rays, and professional cleanings to eliminate plaque, bacteria and other buildups that daily brushing and flossing can’t properly remove.

  • How often should you get dental checkups?

    Optimally, dental checkups are performed every six months. On your first visit to the dentist, they will ask for a full health history to gain an understanding of your past and current oral health. From there, regular dental checkups will be used to determine any change in your oral health and keep your teeth and mouth properly maintained.

    The American Dental Association, and most dentists, recommend six months because the maintenance and cleaning provided at each visit is the best way to ensure you maintain good overall oral health.

  • How much does a teeth cleaning cost?

    We aim to provide high-quality dental care that our patients in Germantown, MD can afford. Out of pocket cost for any procedure depends on your insurance coverage at the time of the procedure.

    Cleaning, Exam, Full Series of X-Rays, Fluoride: $0 – $378

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  • What are the signs of oral cancer?

    Mouth cancer can occur anywhere in the mouth, including the lips, tongue, and throat, as well as the salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, and sinuses. Early detection is critical so make an appointment with your doctor if any of the following occur:

    • Sore, swelling, lumps or thick patches in or around your mouth
    • The feeling of a lump or object in your throat
    • Numbness or pain anywhere in your mouth
    • Loose teeth with no dental cause
    • Lingering sore throat or hoarseness
    • Areas of red or white lesions in your mouth or lips
    • Trouble moving your jaw, swallowing or speaking
    • Pain in your ear without loss of hearing

    Over half of those in the U.S. survive oral cancer after five years, according to the National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research, but it is critical it is caught early.

  • Why are brushing and flossing important?

    We all know brushing and flossing make our mouth feel great. But, brushing and flossing do more than freshen breath – they physically disrupt the complex network of bacteria called a biofilm. It’s important to disrupt and remove the sticky film so diseases like cavities and gum disease are less likely. Your hygienist can recommend the best products and techniques for you to maintain your oral health at home.

    And as you know, it is important to brush twice a day for at least two minutes, and floss once. If you have a hard time remembering to floss, try connecting it with a daily activity you always do. You can floss in the shower or while driving to work!

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